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Colorful Nature Inspired LEOPARD PRINT Designs , AUTUMN Colors Designs, FITNESS Leggings, with Matching TOPS, & T-SHIRTS ! ! !

Great for Fitness, Work, Play or Dress Up
Making you feel Happy every time you wear them!


FEEL Part of Nature:

Colorful - Spring - Flowers Leggings
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You Can See SPRING TIME is HERE ! 

Many of you Enjoy our Twitter Pages

On our Twitter-page you can already see that
Spring Time with all it's Vibrant Colors is already here
with Tweets about De Keukenhof (with Drone Video),

                  and about…., (Hint; you can make Legging Designs from them)

                     Daffodils: Bridal Crown, Daffodils: Ice Follies, Daffodils: Accent,
                     More Daffodils: Sweet Desire and New Born Lambs ! ! !  
                                              (Also See Our Lamb Designs!)

                               (Feel Free to have a Look to Like and Re-tweet ! ! !)



Glitter Speck Phone Cases

New Raisin Blossom Designs

                                                                                     Geese Photo Designs

Forsythia - & White Daffodils Designs Leggings 

And Highly Special……,

Leggings for Fashionable 

- Healthy Lifestyle - Nature Lovers

Last Year Spring we Succeeded in making many 
more designs for you to Choose from,

We are thankful that Last Year Spring, so many of you bought our Highly Popular
All-Over- PHOTO - Print SPRING Flowers Legging and several 

Do you know what that means to us…?

 It gives us a Proud Feeling to know that somewhere in the world 

                                 - YOU - are wearing our designs, as an 

                                  Ambasador of Our Brand!

                   (BTW when you click this Our Brand! link you see 
                    a T-shirt with Our - EDS - Brand Name on it)

It's also a lot of Fun to make Photos with your Selfie-stick Wearing It!
Sharing your Photos with friends on your Social Media
BE-ing both an Ambasador and a Fashionable 
Nature Loving Social Influencer!  

Colorful Flowers Leggings Collection

See Behind the Scene Photos from Our Popular Colorful Yellow Tulips Flower Legging

Also Check Out our:

YOGA & SPORTS Outfits ! ! !

YOUR Thoughts:

                                       What Legging Design Makes you Feel Part of Nature, 

                                       the Most...???, and witch one gives you

                                      A Spring Feeling the Most....???

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You Don't need to be as SHY as This Bird we Wrote about in a Recent TWEET



How you can Learn Healthy Habits from Animals and become a real Health Animal!!!

How about some serious Relaxing!!!

We humans are strange creatures, alway's in the process of doing and stressing having a hard time to find the time to RELAX, and just BE, (see my post about RELAXING at: Relax)

'We aren't called human-BE-ings
for nothing!'

Possibly we are misguided by the Media, for example when ever you see a documentary about Lions in the wild you usually see them running arround like crazy to get their prey. Giving the impression that the animal is running arround all day,

'While infact most of the time a Lion hardly does anything else
than lying arround in the sun and digest all day'.

So once in a while a Travel Vacation Like a "LION KING" can be a Good Idea!


Feel Free to Show Your Healthy Lifestyle!

As you know on this blog we like to
promote a Healthy Lifestyle with things
like Healthy Lifestyle Tips etc. etc.

Recently we got some of your Readers Feedback and Learned that you
use Instagram to promote your lifestyle.

Sharing Healthy Lifestyle Moments: 

At the Moment we frequently share some of our
Healthy Lifestyle Moments - amung other things - on Twitter,

Like for example nice Healthy Food during a Family Diner.
(Thanks for Liking/Re-tweeting)

Or for example with our #Naturewalksinwinter where we share many of
our Nature Photography that we do during our walks, while
we take time to Relax

In general we share great Inspiring Moments
through our Photography, and recently also created
a special Hashtag on Twitter: #Digitalcameraideas where you can see some of our great
Digitalcamera ideas, we also a Special Blog with that same Name:

Digitalcamera-ideas where you can read more
Background info about the Photography.

You Thoughts:

Do You Use Instagram, a Blog or something else…?
to Promote - YOUR - Healthy Lifestyle?

Please let us know by writing your Comments & Replies,
with a link to your Instagram.

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You Don't - Always - Have To Be In Action To Wear LEGGINGS!

See Our

EDS Newsfacts Blog

with our Latest All-over-print
LEGGING Designs!

                             YOU THOUGHTS: 

                                     What Are  -- YOUR --  Favorite Legging Designs...???

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Colorful - Yoga - Leggings:

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