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Colorful Nature Inspired LEOPARD PRINT Designs , AUTUMN Colors Designs, FITNESS Leggings, with Matching TOPS, & T-SHIRTS ! ! !

Great for Fitness, Work, Play or Dress Up
Making you feel Happy every time you wear them!

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donderdag, januari 14, 2021

woensdag, januari 13, 2021

The Color YELLOW Does Well !


Sometime ago I wrote a special blog post about it titled: 


 It's All about the Color  YELLOW Again,  

These YELLOW Leggings are amung our EVER-GREEN Leggings !

They also are great for your 

                    YOGA & SPORTS Outfits 


Those Are Not the Only Leggings We Have !

See TWO Pages of Our Special Legging Designs !

dinsdag, januari 05, 2021

Feeling Part of Nature,
Shower Curtains & Bathroom Accessories;

Do - You - Like Tropical Striped Fish, Penguins, or Any of Our Other Shower Curtain Designs...?

It's great to see that this Shower Curtain you see here above, 
Some time ago was amung our Latest Products Sold !

Now looking at our Latest View Dates, I see that some of you also seem to like 
the one with the Penguins you see here below: 

Obviously it's always great and exciting when we see that you buy any of the Designs 
we created, showing us that you really like our designs,  


we also Instantly experience MOMENTUM with our Designs, because 
as soon as we get even only a Single Sale,  than that Particular Product Gets on the First Page, and gets much more Visible to you as a buyer!

Usually - Kickstarting - it  to 
Start Getting Multiple Sales from 
that Particular Design ! ! ! 

(I also wrote about MOMENTUM on my Music Blog
in a blog post titled: A Little Behind the Scenes)

Talking about MOMENTUM, we recently also created a Brand New Special Pinterest BOARD for you with our BATHROOM ACCESSORIES

that make you feel Part of Nature ! 

Thanks for your Comments, Likes & Retweets ! 

You Can Easily - Scroll Our Boards - 

Using Your Mouse Wheel...., 

and Simply Click on any Individual Item you like to read more info.
in an other Seperate Window


You Can Click on the - Red Pinterest button - at the bottom

to go to the Whole Board

When you are there..., to - DISCOVER - More of our Boards 
you can click the EDS-Logo on the Right, or simply click on the
link here Directly Below

Or DISCOVER our ED-Travel Boards ! ! !

As you can see we have Several Pinterest BOARDS:

Not so long ago I wrote you a post about
TWO of Our Recent Most Popular Pinterest Boards…….,

and the GIFT IDEAS Board,

At this very Moment Our POSTCARDS Board 
is on the Nr. 2 Position of Popularity !

maandag, januari 04, 2021

Inspired by Sports

In our Recent Blog post I already wrote about Keeping Fit during this time, when for example Playing Tennis, and playing other Sports are still very restricted....,

So I also discovered this Tweet with tips

Colorful All-over-print
Party Lights LEGGINGS ! ! !

This is a Great Legging 


New Year !



(also see for example the Matching Socks in our post titled: How About This Funny Little Gift for Yoga Pracisioners)

See More GOLDEN-Lights Design Products

See More ZILVER-Lights Design Products

This are great looking 

Colorful All-Over-Print Party Lights LEGGINGS ! ! !

you definitely want to have in your collection! 

Some other Blog posts
about LEGGINGS you might like:

'Behind the Scene' Photo from
The Popular Yellow Tulip Fields Legging

Yellow Tulips Field Legging

Yellow Tulips Field Legging

by EdelhertDesignStudio

As you might have read on our Digital Camera-ideas Blog,
we frequently have Photo Shoots
for Photo Competition submissions

(occasionally even Win
a First Prize!)

From these Photo Shoots we get a lot of
great photos that we can use to put on Products
Like on Clothing, for example on the in demand,

Yellow Tulips Field Legging you see here above.

This Might Inspire You for Your Indoor Jogging on a Treadmill?

In my post titled: Inspired by Sports you can read tips about Out Doors Excersising

Only if you don't want to Excersise Out Doors, or don't want to go  

It's also possible to Excersise - Indoors - 

 BTW usually rythmically Excersise On Music 
(while frequently Checking your Body Mass Index (BMI)

 Like Exercises on TV as I wrote about in a recent blog post titled: 

And/or to just Relax and do (Indoors)Yoga Excersises In any of our 
great looking 

  Yoga Outfits

 Talking about Indoors Excersising, some time ago 
I discovered this FUNNY Video about Travel Nostalgia, that I also posted on my Travel Blog....,

On this blog, I also posted
an other one that's pretty amazing Video too !

What if it's raining outside and you don't want to Jog outside? how to maintain 
a healthy lifestyle when you don't get outside much during this Corona-time...?

Well here below you can find

a great Fun and Inspiring Video that might give you some ideas.

Also See my Inspirational 

   Early Morning Jogging Video

(with Mysterious Music and Bird Sound Effects 
that I composed myself) 

Colorful - Yoga - Leggings, and Many More Other Products
with our Highly Special Great Looking Designs ! ! !

View more gifts at Zazzle.
The Happy - Healthy - Lifestyle

How About These Blizz-full Designs?


This Condor Skateboard is the Most Viewed in Our WebStore:


Do you Like this Blog?:

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