'Behind the Scene' Photo from
The Popular Yellow Tulip Fields Legging

Yellow Tulips Field Legging

Yellow Tulips Field Legging

by EdelhertDesignStudio

As you might have read on our Digital Camera-ideas Blog,
we frequently have Photo Shoots
for Photo Competition submissions

(occasionally even Win
a First Prize!)

From these Photo Shoots we get a lot of
great photos that we can use to put on Products
Like on Clothing, for example on the in demand,

Yellow Tulips Field Legging you see here above.

We also have some of our Photo's on other Products as well
as you can read about in a Blog Post titled:
More of Our Photos

That Are Made
Into Posters

Here Below a Photo
From 'Our Journey' during making the Photos:

In that Blog post you can also see the
highly special 'Behind the Scene' Photo that you
see here above.

Where you see the great Yellow Tulips Fields
from - Our Journey -
taken from the car front window!

You can also see this Legging on the

YOGA & SPORTS Outfit Page


Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Thanks for visiting
this blog today,

Today's post is about creating
Momentum for your
Healthy Lifestyle....,

'In this Inspirational Video you will also see some
Stunning Photo's of the Up comming Sun...!!!'

if you want to watch it fullscreen you can go to:

(there you can click at the bottom right corner of the screen
to enlarge to Fullscreen.)

(you can read more about the somewhat mysterious self-composed music in a
blog post about it titled: BIRDS Music Composition)

I enjoy Excersising and usually have it
as a part of my daily routine


LATEST Design: Spring Flowers Sports Outfit!

Matching Products:

On that I discovered
via Our Twitter,

I saw a blog post about a Luxurious Beach Hotel
with among other things a photo with a women wearing a colorful legging
with a Matching Top, making it look lika a Sports Outfit

Great All-Over-Print
Flower Photography!!!

As you can also read about, and SEE!
on our Digital Camera Ideas Blog in
a blog post about,

Digital Photography Designs

And since we happen to have a special
Colorful Flower
Leggings Collection

We created a special Sports Outfit out of our

Yellow Tulips Design just as with our popular Daffodil Designs,

as you can see here below
in the Left (red background color) image (with in the right image some
of our other Latest Designs)

(Thanks for Placing
- Your - Re-Tweets and Likes!!!)

Colorful - Yoga - Leggings:

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