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Healthy Lifestyle Tips

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Today's post is about creating
Momentum for your
Healthy Lifestyle....,

'In this Inspirational Video you will also see some
Stunning Photo's of the Up comming Sun...!!!'

if you want to watch it fullscreen you can go to:

(there you can click at the bottom right corner of the screen
to enlarge to Fullscreen.)

(you can read more about the somewhat mysterious self-composed music in a
blog post about it titled: BIRDS Music Composition)

I enjoy Excersising and usually have it
as a part of my daily routine


LATEST Design: Spring Flowers Sports Outfit!

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On that I discovered
via Our Twitter,

I saw a blog post about a Luxurious Beach Hotel
with among other things a photo with a women wearing a colorful legging
with a matching top, making it look lika a Sports Outfit

And since we happen to have a special
Colorful Flower
Leggings Collection

We created a special Sports Outfit out of our

Yellow Tulips Design as you can see here below
in the Left (red background color) image (with in the right image some
of our other Latest Designs)

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Having FUN with Playing Tennis in the SUN

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Great Tennis Polo Shirt:

Some years ago I created a

funny looking Tennis Ball Smile Cartoon to get attention

for a clip board message at our local tennis club.


- after hearing a well known jazzy song
about Smiling -

I actually came with the idea
to re-draw this particular cartoon

in a more distinct cartoon style with more
in line thickness and,

Than after browsing on Zazzle I discovered 
several Tennis Polo Shirts with logo type designs  
on them, So I came with the idea to put that actual
Tennis Ball Smile Cartoon Design

a Tennis Polo Shirt,
as you can see here below:
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Keeping the Sun from your Eyes:

And since - as a tennis player myself - I also like
to have a Hat to keep the Sun out of my
eyes during playing tennis,

I also did put the same Funny 'Fluffy' Tennis Ball Smile Cartoon

on a Specially Designed Tennis Performance Hat

As you can see here below:

Tennis Performance Hat
Tennis Performance Hat

 by EdelhertDesignStudio

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Other Tennis Ware:  

As some great Tennis Ware
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Sports Collection
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It's also great wear to take with
you on your travels

(especially the Tennis Performance Hat is
practical for Sunny Destinations!)

Funny Tennis Octopus T-shirt: 

Tennis Octopus Men's Apparel T-shirt

Tennis Octopus Men's Apparel T-shirt

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Tennis Octopus Apparel T-shirt

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and the

Parrot T-shirts

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In Upcoming Posts you
can read about some new,

Inspiring, Blogging &
Design Related Topics,


Wii Fit Plus with Ballance Board

The first thing that comes to mind with me when hearing
the word Ballance Board, is how I used to Ballance on my Surf Board.....,

This appears to be something slightly different,


Want to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Jogging Indoors?

What if it's raining outside and want to work
on your Workout
(or just like today is Snowing outside)

and you don't want to Jog outside?
how to maintain
a healthy lifestyle
when you don't get

To keep in Shape Indoors working on your Workout

Healthy Lifestyle tip for Ridiculous Energy Levels!!!

For the people that have read "The VISION" eBook,
(or have seen the FREE Preview of it at: The VISION eBook)
If you have you will know about my attempts about looking
for ways to create VALUE
for my readers.

On this Healthy Lifestyle Blogspot,
you can find info about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Besides a healthy lifestyle also info about the components

How you can have
Rediculous Engergy Levels?

For people that read my Post about

Rediculous Energy Levels
you might have read about your Energy Level,
and how the instant your eyes are exposed to light,
the level of melatonin in your blood begings to decrease
so that it enables you to let your body temperature rise.
That way helping your 'sleepy-ness'
to disappear.

I noticed that this post has had a 'popularity-rush'
on this blog last year, and also because of the other


Serious Fun & Relaxing

Being in a somewhat Holliday Mood, I was just thinking
about some Fun & Relaxing things,

High Energy Holliday's

On my Travels I usually enjoy some daily
Early Morning Jogging
to keep in shape because I do think it's important
to maintain a High "Energy Level"
and to be energetic.


Want to maintain a healthy lifestyle with Jogging Indoors?

What if it's raining outside and you don't want to Jog outside?
how to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you don't get

Well here below you can find a great Fun and Inspiring Video that might give you some ideas.


A Surprising Visionary Look on Aging

Sometime ago I came accross a video with
a slightly excentric looking man
with a beard that has some interesting
things to say about aging.


Digging a Little Deeper into SALT.

Recently I read an article about Salt, not realising
that it could actually be a really interesting subject
to read about.

'So what is so exciting
about SALT you would ask?'


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