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How you can Learn Healthy Habits from Animals and become a real Health Animal!!!

How about some serious Relaxing!!!

We humans are strange creatures, alway's in the process of doing and stressing having a hard time to find the time to RELAX, and just BE, (see my post about RELAXING at: Relax)

'We aren't called human-BE-ings
for nothing!'

Possibly we are misguided by the Media, for example when ever you see a documentary about Lions in the wild you usually see them running arround like crazy to get their prey. Giving the impression that the animal is running arround all day,

'While infact most of the time a Lion hardly does anything else
than lying arround in the sun and digest all day'.

So this is what I thought about when I saw this
Funny little Video about 'Healthy Habits' shown
by animals that you can see here below:


About Last Year....,

As most people do when the new year is approaching, is looking back at what happend last year and possibly getting ideas for the new year.

To be honest I might also have a 'Hidden Agenda' here because with the Holliday's approaching I won't mind that you click on the Banner-links as wildfire buying a lot of products for your Gift Shopping :)


* Last year I had a very popular post on how you can get 'Ridiculous Energy Levels' and how (Sun) Light play's a role in this. (If you haven't read the Free Report yet, feel free to dive into the 'Blogpost Archive'(June 2009).)

* Dispite the fact that I used self composed (royalty free) weird Music for my Video, I had more than 1000 people that watched my 'Jogging on Gran Canaria' Video Photo Show for helping people to find Inspiration for building momentum for

Early Morning Jogging.

You can find the video here below:

(BTW if you want some great info and tips about how you can create your own
Video's you definitely want to have a look at: Using Video)

* What - especially Women - Love....? SHOES!!!
a spcial discount on Men's and Women Sport Shoes.

* Had a few posts about all kinds of Technology that can help you living your Healty Lifestyle, such as Wii Game Computers, Fitness DVD's, Hart-rate watches, MP3 Players that you can use during Jogging and last but not least Books & DVD's about the ZUMBA Phenomena!!!

So if you happen to have some Giftshopping to do, feel free to have a renewed look on this Blogspot.


Make your Work-Out FUN, and Join the 'Zumbamania'

Who said that your Work-Out can't be FUN....?!!!

Let's face it...., It's Zumba Time!!!

With Zumba you can learn to really enjoy your Excersising.
Here below you can find a few Banner-links with Products that can show you
all about ZUMBA


Wii Fit Plus with Ballance Board, for your Indoors Workout

This seems to be a New Fitness Revolution, Shigeru Miyamoto -
also responsible for other computer games such as: Super Mario -
came with the idea to develope a computer game
that would have to do with Health,

Although I didn't yet have the pleasure to actually experience
this product myself or any of the other 'Fitness Computer Games'
(like I mentioned in my post titled:
The Prefect Swing, This New Product it definitely something that
is worth mentioning here at HP's Happy Lifestyle Blogspot.

Here below you can find a Banner-link where you can
find out more about this new product:


Equipment to find the Perfect Beat.

To get the most out of your excersising you can find an exciting array of special
equipment, gadgets like for example Hart Rate Monitors , Stop watches , Sport Shoes. and great books about for example 'What Nutritions to Eat'.

If it's Zumba, Jogging or anything else....,

"Here below the most 'exotic'
gadgets you can get to keep you WET!!!?"


Special Discount on Men's and Woman's Sports Shoes!

I was just browsing on the pages of my Affiliate Amazon and found a great discount on Men's and Woman's Sports Shoes! You can find it in the link here below:

Special Offer


Zumba is catching on!!!

Today I even saw an item about Zumba on the News on tv twice!
It's a new Trend, excersising on Latin Music, as you can see in this ZUMBA VIDEO

Zumba is really catching on!!!
It's Zumba Time

It's like 'Getting Slim on Latin Music on Salsa Music!'
Yes this Zumba is really catching on!!!

You can have a look here below if you want to find out more:

If actually doing Zumba yourself is to much of a challenge
You might consider just to just search for a one of these great MP3 Players at The Amazon Shop than simply Buy your own MP3 Player
and start by just listening to the Music.

'Than eventually it
will catch on automatically!!!'


With Wii the Perfect Swing! while keeping a healthy lifestyle at the same time

Playing Computer Games something passive....?

'Not at all, with Wii you get a great
workout while you play!' a great and entertaining way
you have your answer to the question:

how to maintain a healthy lifestyle

No matter if it's with Golf or with Baseball you always can create your Perfect Swing!


What's happening at Wimbledon.

For people that like tennis here you can find your news update about what's happening at Wimbledon.

Wimbledon in the News


Zumba a Fitness Phenomena! for living a healthy lifestyle

As Expected More than 1000 healthy lifestyle seekers!

As Expected Today the Jogging on Gran Canaria Video exceeded 1000 Views!!!
Most of them will be consiouss of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

O.K. I must admit if Paris Hilton breaks a nail and puts it on YouTube
she probably will get 4 million visits in 4 minutes :)


Now heading for 10000


Almost 1000 Views! from people that want to know how to live a healthy lifestyle

Today is you opportunity to be NR. 1000 !!!

Because I just saw that my 'YouTube Movie'
titled: "Jogging on Gran Canaria" had 999 Views already so it's obvious that a lot of people are searching for way's
how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So who is going to be NR. 1000 ????

This is your chance!

Living a healthy lifestyle with Great Technology

Not long ago I mentioned listening to "Energising Music" as a way to get "Energetic". MP3 Players are a Great Technology to listen to Energising Music.

'It's also an ideal 'Tool' you can easily take
with you if you are on your 'Excersising Mission''
It's a great answer to your question how to maintain a healthy
and enjoy excersising at the same time.

Personally I am very happy with my little MP3 Player it's exiting that such magnificent technology exists! (BTW you can also use your MP3 Player as an USB-stick to keep your computer files on if you like).

Because on this Blog I frequently write about Inspiring Music and Artists, (as you can see at: HP's Happy MUSIC Blogspot) on that Blogspot I noticed that some of the 'content sensitive' ads frequently showed a lot of different MP3 Players. So I thought that it might not be a bad idea to put up a few of those players with this post also so I created a special Carousel Banner for you at the bottom of this post.

You are also welcome to leave a comment with titles of your most 'Energising' Music.

'What kind of Music, what titles gives
your the most Exiting Energy Rush....?'

P.S. it goes without saying that you can also use an MP3 player very well for Relaxing with relaxing music or even with guided meditation.

Here below I collected a few popular MP3 Players in the 'Carousel Banner' that you can MOVE around by clicking on the arrows at the right.

'So if you happen to think about getting
yourself an MP3 Player, you only have to
click on one of the links and read about
all the features they have'.

You can Post your Feed Back by clicking the "Comments" link.


Healthy Lifestyle can keep your Engergy Levels in High Gear!

If you have seen my Video 'Jogging on Gran Canaria',
you might want to know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle,
possibly you can't wait to start excersising yourself...,
and reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

To keep in shape and to get your energy levels up,
you might like explore all kinds of different techniques
to excersise here below you can find a "Full Spread"
of a few of them. "DVD's to make you sweat":

'What is your favorite Excersise DVD.....?
Tell all about it by writing YOUR comment here below,'

thanks in advance.
The Happy - Healthy - Lifestyle

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