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Readers Feedback Inspired me to Write this Post about Smoking.

Last wednesday this week I received a Comment on my previous post about SALT.
In the Comment I saw an accompanied link with
the words:

'Quit Smoking'

Personally I don't smoke, only it appears that sometimes even if you
are a NON-Smoker you do Smoke!!!

'According to research about 1/3 of the non-smokers
exposed to smokers develope lung damage!'

About 85% of the Smoke is called 'Side Stream' and about 15% of the Smoke that goes through the lungs of the smoker is called 'Main Stream' the Smoker actually is like
af 'Filter' the highest concentration toxics is to be found in the
'Side Stream', as a NON-Smoker you get BOTH!!!


'Do YOU Have any Health Related
New Years Resolutions for 2011....?'

Totally ZUMBA!

Making your Workout Fun, with Latin Music, Zumbatime Time for Zumba.


'It goes without saying that you can also
make it into a 'Weightloss Workout' while actually
enjoying Excersising for a change!!!, working out while
listening to your favirite Music'

on your MP3 while working out on your Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill or on your Merit Fitness 725T Treadmill when you want to Exersising In-Doors.


How you can make Running Effortless.

Some time ago I read in a little Magazine an article about CHI-Running, since I have heared about things like Thai-Chi and know that CHI has something to do with 'Energy Flow' or something like that, because of that it did catch my attention.

So I picked up the little Magazine and read through a few of the principles.
As far as I understand it's basically a somewhat Lazy Way of Running, because it's a more Effortless way of Running.

Based on the little Magazine I read I experimented with this CHI-Running myself and to me it looks like that it's how children (running arround really fast like crazy) seem to automatically run. A way of running that basically looks like for example doing a quick pace like you are tripping over a stone, and than correct you ballance and than trip again and again letting gravity do all the WORK!

'It's looks to me like
a constand falling forward motion'.

To me it does feel like it has to looks a little weird, since the paces are a lot quicker than I am used to with my usual Early Morning Jogging. but surprisingly enough with this CHI-Running you go pretty fast without directly being out of breath as you would expect with going that fast. An other principle is that you do it with the muscles very relaxed, and it feels to me a little like doing Zumba and Running at the same time. As I said before I do feel like it has to look a little weird.


I did a little research and did find a special book about
CHI-Running for if you want to know more about CHI-Running.


ZUMBA MANIA Strikes Again!!!

'What YOU can do with it, you can see in
the VIDEO here below:'

(Also see zumbatime)

Zumba is also a 'Weighloss Wonder' because it's also a 'Weightloss Workout'
and FUN at the same time!


Aquasize To A Flatter Stomach!

Especially for people that (also) frequently visit...,


'When going to a country with a lot of Sun Shine,
- Looking Good - with a 'Six Pack' Stomach while taking
a swim might be something that's on your 'Wish-List''.

When the weather is warm, there is nothing quite like going for a refreshing swim at the local pool. To add to the benefits, you can use it as an opportunity to work on those stomach muscles. The water provides natural resistance, making the pool a great place to do stomach exercises to flatten out that tummy. Despite the greater resistance water has than air, aquasizing is low-impact, meaning less strain on joints. Try out these exercises next time you take a trip down to your pool. Remember, consult your doctor before beginning a new workout routine,
and always warm up properly to prevent injury.

The first set of exercises to try is called the jump and dig.
There are two moves in this set, one for the upper body and one for the lower body. The former is great for your obliques, and the latter works on your abdominals. To start, stand in water that is between your belly button and chest. To work the lower body (including your abdominals), put your feet a wide distance apart, then jump so your knees come up to the surface of the water and back down. Picture a frog as you do it; this will help you get the form right. Next, to work the upper body, begin by making a scoop with both hands at the surface of the water. Bring your hand scoop below the surface, then scoop up and to one side. Alternate sides to work the obliques on both sides. Start by doing the two moves separately for three minutes each. Once you have mastered the form, do them at the same time to exercise both sets of stomach muscles at once.

As you build strength and endurance, you can add water gloves to increase resistance. You can also do the exercises faster, packing more reps into each three minute period. Form is key, though. Do not sacrifice form for the sake of speed. It is better to do it properly than quickly. Also remember to set fitness goals and work toward them at a gradual pace. Do not push yourself too hard, too fast. You may want to see results fast, but an injury will seriously delay your workout goals. Start small, know your limits, and build gradually.

As long as you are working on your midsection, here are a few additional tips.

First, proper diet is essential to any fitness routine.
A great, hard workout can be completely negated by improper eating habits.

Second, stay hydrated both while working out and in everyday life. A good rule of thumb is to take your body weight in pounds, divide it by 2, and drink that number of ounces of water each day. This helps to keep the body functioning at it's highest level.

Third, rest up. This means not only getting plenty of sleep, but also getting the right kind of sleep. Spend all night sleeping on your stomach, and you will wake up with a sore back, making it difficult to do your stomach exercises. Also be sure to schedule off days into your routine to give your muscles a chance to rest up and rebuild. Now you already have a great start on a toned, flat stomach!


If you are really serious about doing things different this year

Everybody knows it to start the New Year fresh with promissing things to themselves, like for example working on their 'Weightloss Workout' and within a few months or possibly even weeks, it's all back to where you started.

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