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Digging a Little Deeper into SALT.

Recently I read an article about Salt, not realising
that it could actually be a really interesting subject
to read about.

'So what is so exciting
about SALT you would ask?'

Well it appears that it's a lot more to it than you
might think. First of all from a language point of view
it's interesting since the word 'Salary'
has to do with how the Roman 'Sol'-diers
got their Salary in Salt.

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The word 'Sol' also has to do with 'Sun Energy'
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Also Salt
was once considered as 'Merchandise' think
about the word Sell or Sale.

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O.K. that's all facinating an interesting language
'Mambo Jambo', So what else is so exciting
about it than? Well second is that most of the world
production of Salt is basically all for
Industrial use and refined.

It appears that 'SeaSalt' has a lot more minirals than
the refined 'Pure' Salt. Even a lot of the Salt that
is from Salt mines, that could be considered to be
'SeaSalt' since it could be considered
'Old Sea' might not alway's be the highest
quality Salt, since about what I read I understand
that also the Sun & Water Energy play a part.

An other interesting thing I read is that a
German-American man named Jacques Loeb tried to recreate
Sea Water by 'adding Salt' in the same amount
as in the Sea only the Sea Fish died
in his 'Fake Sea Water'.

So apparently the tiny bit of those
- seemingly unsignificant - minerals in Sea Salt
might be well ballanced and important.

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