Can You Give Me Some Slack...?

I see that my last post was about a completely different colder weather type, making it clear that lately you haven't had a lot of new posts on the Healthy Lifestyle Blog, Does this mean that suddenly I have been living a particularly unhealthy lifestyle?

Well I don't think so, since I am just back from a longer walk (in the Sun) than usual and I have been practicing excersising pretty much as usual, only haven't really done much really new....,

Come to think of it I have been jotting down a few new trends that I can share with you, just a few of the Buzz Words I read about some weeks ago:

- Stand Up Peddle
- Trail-Running
- Slacklining

Things that sound interesting but that I haven't been doing myself,

I noticed Stand Up Peddling since I saw a Photo from Jennifer Anston Peddling, You can read more about Stand Up Peddling at: www.standuppaddlemagazine.com/" and I also read something about Trail Running you can read more about it at: www.trailrunner.com/

And when you think this is something for you, I did find out that there is an actual Magazine about it that you can find out more about by clicking at the Image Link here below:

When you want to know more about Slacklining you can have a look at: www.slackline.com/

Do you Think I am a Slacker...?

'Talking about 'Slack'..., You did see that I wrote a totally new post on this blog, so don't you think that I am a Slacker now!' :)

BTW especially today when during my walk I saw a few ducks laying in the shade relaxing, it really made me wonder if it actually might be a Healthy Philosophy, you might want to Click on the Link here Below to learn more about an amazing book I bought some time ago. :)

'Go Ahead have a look, at The Lazy Way to Success: How to Do Nothing and Accomplish Everything it really has some great eye-opening info...!'

'So if anybody reading this has something interesting to say about one of those Sports and has interesting experiences to share,
I love to see your Comments!'

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