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What We Can Learn From Animals.

How about some serious Relaxing!!!

We humans are strange creatures, alway's in the process of doing and stressing having a hard time to find the time to RELAX, and just BE, (see my post about RELAXING at: Relax)

'We aren't called human-BE-ings
for nothing!'

Possibly we are misguided by the Media, for example when ever you see a documentary about Lions in the wild you usually see them running arround like crazy to get their prey. Giving the impression that the animal is running arround all day,

'While infact most of the time a Lion hardly does anything else
than lying arround in the sun and digest all day'.

So this is what I thought about when I saw this
Funny little Video about 'Healthy Habits' shown
by animals that you can see here below:

'Monkey Business'

You might have heard the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars on the Radio many times already, btw you can find the Music Video at: The Lazy Song
It's a Funny Song with people dressed in Monkey Suits doing a Funny Dance,

When you don't know the song feel free to have a look at the video or just simply click on Lazy Song when you want to read more about it,
When you want to get find a little more serious info about Laziness.....,

What Some Great Historical Figures
Have to Say About Laziness

You can see Great Video with very interesting 'Testimonials' about Laziness from several important historical figures
saying things about Laziness, you can find at:
'Lazy Testimonials'

You can read more about Laziness
in an Amazing Book titled:

The Lazy Way to Success: How to Do Nothing and Accomplish Everything

Authors Interview

I have listened to a Teleseminar with the author of this book, and although the title looks disceptionally simplistic, it really makes a lot of sense
what he has to tell!

Go Ahead, you can listen to the author himself Right Now when you like by clicking on This Link and it will get you to a website where you can listen to the Authors Interview. or just click on the links here below when you want to read more about it.

'It definitely is some serious
reading if you want to study Laziness and, if you want to have someting to read
while being Lazy Laying on the Beach!'

You can find it by clicking
on the Link-banner here below:

You can also simply Check Out hpshappybooks.blogspot.com/"
for finding out about other great books you can read to relax, or write comments and share your own favorite books.
To Write - Your - Comments, simply click the Comments-Link here below:

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