How you can have
Rediculous Engergy Levels?

For people that read my Post about

Rediculous Energy Levels
you might have read about your Energy Level,
and how the instant your eyes are exposed to light,
the level of melatonin in your blood begings to decrease
so that it enables you to let your body temperature rise.
That way helping your 'sleepy-ness'
to disappear.

I noticed that this post has had a 'popularity-rush'
on this blog last year, and also because of the other
(slightly more comprehensive) report I also did
a little more research into the 'GREEN Foods'
and recently in a little shop discovered
a product that's named:


So I had a look if I could find this product to promote on
this Blog and YES, I did find it!
(See Banner-link
at the top of this post.)

'I am not a docter, and cannot give you
any medical advice, I can only say that
it really does seem to work for me'

I have been using it myself for a while now and I really
experience a considerable increas in Energy Level
pretty soon after taking such a tablet.

So it does seem to work for me,
also in the report they talk about the importance of the acid/alkaline balance and
I read that GREEN MAGMA is mildly Alkaliine
with amung other things an abundance of active enzymes,
antioxidants, vitamins, minerals.

'Sounds good to me,
and it FEELS GOOD to me'

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Inspirational Video

'It can be a challenge to continue to excersise
and build momentum, sometimes you can use
a little Inspiration'

So you might like to have a look at the little 'Rapportage' I made, because some time ago arround Easter I have been on Gran Canaria, where I made a 'Visual Rapportage' about 'Jogging on the Beach' with stunning photo's of the upcomming sun that can inspire. (Sorry for the slightly weird and mysterious selfmade music :))

'You can see the Sun Light Sparkle
in the water just as on the little VISION eBook 'Book Cover'

The Video is an Impression of 'Early Bird' Morning Jogging, with impressive mysterious - somewhat weird - selfmade Music (sorry for that, I was just experimenting one day with making electronic music and mixing sound effects, so it even has some 'Early Bird' Sound Effects in it.)

'You might want to start with only WALKING little distances, get some fresh air and enjoy the view, that way being able to create MOMENTUM and a certain consistancy'



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